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Pablo Sebastián Avalle | Xerendip

Pablo Sebastián Avalle

Venture Capital & Innovation
Sebastián Horacio Lagorio | Xerendip

Sebastián Horacio Lagorio


Experts who work with us

Alberto Romano | Xerendip

Alberto Romano

Founding partner in Romera, Ongay, Romano, Castellani & Figueroa Casas - Lawyers
Anaclara Dalla Valle | Xerendip

Anaclara Dalla Valle

Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario Foundation
Facundo Hernández | Xerendip

Facundo Hernández

Phd. Agricultural Science, Agricultural Engineering and Plant Production
Federico Netri | Xerendip

Federico Netri

Lawyer in Romera, Ongay, Romano, Castellani & Figueroa Casas - Lawyers
Federico Orsi | Xerendip

Federico Orsi

Venture Capital & Finance
Gastón Conzolino | Xerendip

Gastón Conzolino

Nutrefeed Technical-Commercial Manager
Hernán Biava | Xerendip

Hernán Biava

Chemistry at Brevard College - Scientific Coaching
Juan Francisco Menéndez | Xerendip

Juan Francisco Menéndez

Director of Agroinvest and Biomen - Microbiology
Lisandro Bregant | Xerendip

Lisandro Bregant

Storytelling and Creativity Consultant
Maria Carolina Quiróz | Xerendip

Maria Carolina Quiróz

Communication and Sustainability Strategies
María Cecilia Ribecco | Xerendip

María Cecilia Ribecco

Entrepreneurship Leader
Mariano Lattari | Xerendip

Mariano Lattari

Lic. Biology specialist in bio-inputs
Nicolás Molfino | Xerendip

Nicolás Molfino

StockBrokers Associate - Finance & Markets
Roxana Paez | Xerendip

Roxana Paez

Incubator Director INTA Rafaela
Victoria Cerrano | Xerendip

Victoria Cerrano

Design and Management of Social Innovation Projects
Ximena Muñoz Vivas | Xerendip

Ximena Muñoz Vivas

Director at IDT (Institute of Design Thinking)


Startups need an ecosystem to support them in order to make their project a reality.

Universities, science and technology centers, business entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, businessmen, the public sector, experts and mentors; everyone is welcome to connect and evolve with Xerendip

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